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Kuizi Biologjia – pjesa e 18

Kuizi Biologjia - pjesa e 18

Ky është nje kuiz nga Biologjia. Pjesa e 18 përmban 10 pyetje të ndryshme nga Biologjia. Pra testoni njohuritë tuaja se sa dini rreth Biologjisë. Secila pyetje është me nga 4 opcione apo përgjigje ku vetëm njëra është e saktë.

This is a quiz of Biology. Part 18 contains 10 different questions Biology. So test your knowledge than you know about biology. Each question is from 4 options or where only one answer is correct.

Dies ist ein Quiz für Biologie. Teil 18 enthält 10 verschiedene Fragen aus Biologie. So testen Sie Ihr Wissen über Biologie, als Sie wissen. Jede Frage ist von vier Optionen oder wo nur eine Antwort richtig ist.

Se trata de un concurso de Biología. Parte 18 contiene 10 preguntas diferentes de Biología. Así que prueba su conocimiento de lo que sabes acerca de la biología. Cada pregunta es de 4 opciones o donde solo una respuesta es correcta. Testoni njohurite tuaja ne Biologji dhe pergadituni rreth testit te semimaturës, matures apo testit pranues në fakultet.

Test your knowledge in Biology and Prepare about semimature test, matures or college entrance exam.

Testen Sie Ihr Wissen in Biologie und vorbereiten zu semimaturës Test, reift oder College-Aufnahmeprüfung.

Pon a prueba tus conocimientos en Biología y Prepare acerca prueba semimaturës, madura o examen de ingreso a la universidad.


Test your Love

Test your Love

Check the level of love compatibility in your couple with this Valentine and test your love.If you’re in a relationship, or you just want to check who your perfect love match is, this love game is for you! Type your name and lover name click start button you can see your love result. You can proudly share the results of your love test through Facebook.
This app will be especially useful on Valentine’s Day, but can also prove itself to be a great love game for parties with your friends or during romantic date. Use mouse to play


Find Out – Famous Songs Edition

Find Out - Famous Songs Edition

Try to guess the name of the famous songs and the corresponding singer/group. By clicking on a letter (lower part of the screen) that letter is chosen and, if present in the sentence, is added to the sentence (higher part of the screen): each correctly guessed consonant earns 7500 pts while choosing a vowel costs 25000 pts. A limited number of errors (initially 5) are given to the player and an extra error is gained when the sentence is cleared. If the player thinks the correct answer is known, the button “Solve” can be clicked: in “solve mode” the player must guess the correct letters (one by one) that form the sentence (the current letter to guess is indicated by a ? in the sentence). Each correctly guessed letter in “solve mode” (either vowel or consonant) earns 15000 pts. An error in “solve mode” results in the end of the game. Game is completely controlled by mouse. Press +/- to enable/disable sound. Press ESC to quit to the main menu.


20 Locker’s Room Escape

20 Locker's Room Escape

You are locked up in a locker room. You will have to escape from the room by using the objects and hints.
Good Luck! Use mouse to interact.


Adventurers Escape 2

Adventurers Escape 2

The 100th escape game from
We will be releasing escape games on every Mondays and Thursdays.
After crossing the river successfully, adventurers feel it difficult to continue their forest trip as the night time is fast approaching; they also are struggling for food and shelter. Help them to get food, shelter and to resume the trip in a joyful mood. Use Mouse to Interact.


Mystic Forest Escape

Mystic Forest Escape

You decided for an adventurous trip to the forest. Unexpectedly you get lost in the midst of the forest. A big slam, someone hit you at the head and made you unconscious. After a while, you seems to be in a bizarre place with all sort of creepy things. Your inner voice says “This is not the right place to linger around”, so you must escape from this place. Use your wits to find the way out. Be careful anything may happen!!!! Use mouse to interact.


Hot Fudge Ice Cream Cake

Hot Fudge Ice Cream Cake

You miss summer? So do I and for that I’m going to show you a dessert that usually I prepare it only on hot summer days. This amazing Ice Cream Cake will surely become one of your top favorites desserts.
The best thing on this recipe is that you can cook it very quick following my steps in the game.
Also it’s a dessert that will satisfy all your friend and family: it contains hot fudge, cream and also ice-cream but its’ still a cake! You should definitely try this game and add a new dessert recipe to your personal cooking book.
Good luck and have fun in the kitchen! Use mouse to play this game.


Schoolwork Room Escape

Schoolwork Room Escape is a gaming website.and developing the games for clients.Contact us through Williams was studying in Ecole Amirault. Williams having unique room for doing his school work. One he did his school work very sincerely. he need some water to drink. Williams tries to open the room he is not able open the door. He forgets where kept the door key help Williams to find the door key and drink the water.


Health Food Frenzy

Health Food Frenzy

Health Food Frenzy is a side-scrolling shooter game aimed at reinforcing healthy eating habits. The player must avoid junk food and eat healthy food to earn points throughout increasing levels of difficulty. • Move the character with the mouse
• Press the mouse button to shoot
• Eat healthy food to earn points
• Avoid junk food or lose health
• Blinking food are special items


Art Gallery Escape

Art Gallery Escape

The 102nd Escape game from
We will be releasing escape games on every MONDAYS and THURSDAYS.
Out of much interest in admiring the paintings in the art gallery, you didn’t realize that you are been locked inside. So use the objects and clues over there to escape from the art gallery.
Good luck and have fun…! Use Mouse to Interact.