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Space Cropper

Space Cropper

(03/05/2014) Back on sales, if anyone interested, please contact me.

Space Cropper (previously named SpaceBugx) is a Qix/Volfied like retro game with enhanced gameplay, retro graphics and special effects.

Your mission: get back the territories that the aliens have taken from us. This will require accuracy and speed.

Over 17 monsters with special abilities and 2 special bosses to fight against.

20 levels with 3 levels of tutorial.
The 10th and 20th are boss levels.

Various special items popping up during the game:

  • slow: slows down enemies
  • points: gives points
  • invincible: gives invincibility for a couple of seconds
  • shield: increases your shield energy
  • life: gives you one more life

The game is finished. I’m still open to any suggestion!


arrow keys – to control space ship & to navigate menu (can be customized)
space bar – action key (to cut areas in game) & to select menu item (can be customized)



Options (set keys):



Actual game:





Quick reaction game with box2d physics, rock music and special video effects. Click left mouse button to object for points and additional time. Compare your score with friends! You have a few minutes before impact with asteroid. Use your special power to save some souls.


-left mouse button only

-click to cars and people to earn points and time
-you have only few minutes at start, but you can add additional 2 sec from every car with red glow




Crazy avoider runner game with juicy colors ! ! !

7 – Achievements
7 – Ufo models
3 – Enemies + DRAGON

Avoid enemies, collect animals & flowers( bonuses ).

You can also turn off flash effects in menu. Don’t tell nobody about this game 😉 Control : Mouse